Read Me....... (Rules)

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Read Me....... (Rules)

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WAF - Community

Read Me


Step One - Register

Welcome to the Webmaster Forum -
We're a friendly community and we welcome new members.

Step Two - Your User CP

One thing you'll want to do in your User Control Panel is edit your profile. We've recently added several fields for you to fill out so you can tell the community what kind of person you are. Don't want tell us your favorite color? Fine - it's optional.

You can also set up your signature in the User CP. Just remember that we do not allow affiliate links in the signature file,
and no more than two links (read the RULES).

Step Three - Browse The Site

Before you post, you might want to read the rules. This could save us both some trouble and make your stay more enjoyable.


A. Advertising your products, services or website is strictly prohibited in all forums except for the Webmaster Marketplace.

B. Sending private messages to members asking them to "check out" your website or join your forum is not only pathetic, it's also grounds for immediate revocation of membership.

C. Members should be respectful and courteous to other members. Rudeness to other members is cause for revocation of membership privileges.

D. No links to adult content please.

E. Signatures may contain no more than four links. (except of ADMIN and STAFF)

F. Offensive language is not permitted.

G. Please post your topic in the most suitable forum. SEO topics should be posted in, oddly enough, the SEO forum. Coding topics should be posted in the coding forum, not the lobby.

H. Please use a descriptive subject title when posting new threads. "Help!" is not a descriptive subject title. "Need help choosing a domain" is a much more descriptive and useful subject title.

I. Enjoy the company of other webmasters and keep it fun.

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