Important SEO tips from a newbie.

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Important SEO tips from a newbie.

Post  kingage21 on Sun Jun 26, 2011 9:59 am

Important SEO tips from a newbie.
Here are some SEO tips which I found quite useful by reading lots of SEO sites. Hopes it helps who reads them

File name keyword-Use keywords like keywords in file names like gaming_computers_with_themed_lookout.html for saving a file instead of like computer.html which includes details about computer which comes with theme of games painted on them like WOW themed computer or keyboards etc.

Position of links-As we knows SE crawl pages through codes, so the links at the top of the webpage will have more value.

alt tag images-Always use alt tag for images as it helps with SE which index images. It will help ppl to find your pages even when they are searching for specific images with certain info.

Keywords within Title-It is the title which is shown up in search results and used by SE robots to display specific search results., so it is the most important to use keywords, or key phrases on the title of website or each page.


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