Q's re setting up a basic web of sites and backlinks

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Q's re setting up a basic web of sites and backlinks

Post  kingage21 on Sat Aug 20, 2011 6:25 pm

I am an amateur web site builder and newbie IMer and am just now getting the hang of building backlinks and setting up my sites for SEO.

So I have a web site that sells water filters and I have several other web sites with keywords in the title and I have a couple wordpress blogs with keywords.

My questions are:
1) is the idea that I should use these various sites to point to each other? i.e. use keyword anchored links that point to and fro? I am somewhat confused about whether this is good because I've heard that if you own the sites it's not good to backlink to your own sites, that the backlinks need to come from independent sites? (obviously most should come from other sites with good ranking, I understand that, but is it worth it to use my own sites to point to each other?

2 of my sites are hosted at godaddy under the same "as many sites as you want to make" account, and I was planning to make a few more but if it's bad to do this pointing back to your own sites then I won't.

2) Should some of the links be only one-way links - one way back to my main site, with my main site NOT linking back to the other sites?

3) I also hear about Internal Links and I see that my competitor who ranks above me has a lot more Internal Links than I do but I have more backlinks. I thought the backlinks were more important than internal links, no? Isn't an internal link just a link to a keyword that I use to link to another one of my own pages on the same site? If so I have a lot of them but when I checked on one of those site explorer type sites it does not show my internal links. Am I understanding what an internal link is, then?


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