Here is a simple SEO tip for you

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Here is a simple SEO tip for you

Post  kingage21 on Tue Aug 23, 2011 5:06 pm

For all people who are just starting to learn how to promote their sites, do not try multiple methods at the same time or you might end up tired without any result...

Start with one or 2 method first and when you are about to master these methods and you used to do it, add another method in your arsenal...

In order...

First month
Do forum posting and blog commenting daily. Add useful blogs into your rss readers so that you can post comment when there are new posts.

Second month
while still doing the above methods, start to write and submit articles and links to directories...

Third month onwards...
Now that you are seeing the result of what you are doing, try other methods like social bookmarking, yahoo answer, twitter, etc... but make sure your 1st and second month activities are still going... You are just adding methods but not changing...

Do not try to do all of these on the first month if your time can't handle...

Most of all, spend 80% of your time in promotion and 20% in content...

hope this will stop you from posting questions like How to promote my site, how to get traffic, how to... seo.. etc, etc.. this is very simple but fruitful if followed correctly..


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