How online public relations are effective in creating more exposure to your site.

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How online public relations are effective in creating more exposure to your site.

Post  jaxon90 on Sat Jun 04, 2011 1:42 pm

Most web design firm s nowadays are concentrated on simply making the website more attractive, instead of concentrating on the more important side of increasing exposure. If there are not enough people to visit your site, then what is the advantage of spending so much on the design aspect? Online public relations are about using the Internet to connect with a website’s key audiences, to build awareness and increase exposure, to build and maintain the image and trustworthiness of the brand.
Here are some of the benefits of adding online PR efforts to a company’s public relations strategy:
1. Messages can be sent out very quickly. If you have to inform the clients about a change that has taken place in your industry or business, this can be done with great ease and very quickly too.
2. There are online Public relations tools available which act as a network which connects websites directly with their target audiences, rather than having to communicate to massive groups through the media.
3. As online PR makes direct interaction possible, it is much easier to evaluate the campaign as a whole and also to gather feedback directly from the audience and visitors.
Some commonly used, effective PR tools are Press releases, Article marketing, Blogs, E-mail newsletters etc. Press releases allow a website or company to distribute their news to news engines such as Google News and Yahoo News, where it may be seen directly by members of their target audience.
Blogs are an effective strategy to build trust and relationship with the audience which often makes them regular visitors to your site and even your customers.


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