Need help with traffic

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Need help with traffic

Post  kingage21 on Thu Jun 09, 2011 12:56 pm

Good news to you.Hello, everyone! Nice to meet you. I have a good news to you. I have writed so many posts for other people's help, beacause our website has a poor traffic. Thanks for people who help me. They give me so many advice. The most useful advice is that why it is so slow to upload our website. The reason is that we have many flashs in our website and too much js code. Now We have taked an axe to the javascript for nothing and flash. In order to solve no content for the search engine to even SEE, we have add a blog to our website.

Good news is that there are about 10 IPs to our website every day. Maybe you think it is so little. But I think we have a great step forward. I will continue to push hard. Come on! And I still need your help.


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