Strategies and Techniques of Link Building

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Strategies and Techniques of Link Building

Post  kingage21 on Sun Jun 26, 2011 11:42 am

1. Inbound non-reciprocal links can raise your rank noticeably. Major tactics are as follows: write unique valuable content, write and submit articles, buy links on the related sites, create press releases.

2. Link exchange can't damage your rankings except for link exchanges with link farms. Link exchanges will benefit your PageRank and link popularity as well as those of your link partner.

3. When preparing for link exchanges, create your own link directory (not more than 30 entries per page), compile a list of your desired link partners and place a link to them in your directory beforehand. If they refuse reciprocation, you can always remove the link in favor of more receptive link partners.

4. Personalize each letter you send with as much information as possible, including the story about what you've found most valuable on their resources.


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