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Coding - deffinition

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Coding - deffinition Empty Coding - deffinition

Post  Admin Sun Feb 03, 2008 9:20 pm

The term coding has the following meanings:

* In communications systems, the altering of the characteristics of a signal to make the signal more suitable for an intended application, such as optimizing the signal for transmission, improving transmission quality and fidelity, modifying the signal spectrum, increasing the information content, providing error detection and/or correction, and providing data security (Note: A single coding scheme usually does not provide more than one or two specific capabilities. Different codes have different sets of advantages and disadvantages.) See also Coding theory.
* In communications and computer systems, implementing rules that are used to map the elements of one set onto the elements of another set, usually on a one-to-one basis
* The digital encoding of an analog signal and, conversely, decoding to an analog signal
* Computer programming
* The process of classification of information (vs. use of "free text" e.g. in Medical Informatics), see also coding (social sciences) and legal coding.
* In medical coding, diagnoses and procedures are assigned to categories in their respective taxonomies.
* Source: Federal Standard 1037C
* A coding strand of DNA is translated into a protein product.
* Present progressive tense for Code Blue, which is a patient in Cardiac Arrest or Respiratory Arrest


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